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  1. Development Workspace

    19 Nov 2021 | Contributor(s): Erich Huebner

    Development Workspace

  2. Jupyter Notebook with Anaconda 2020.11

    07 Dec 2021 | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    Starts the Jupyter notebook server

  3. RStudio

    23 Feb 2022 | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    RStudio is a GUI for R, the statistical programming language.

  4. R Shiny App Example

    23 Feb 2022 | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    This is a simple example used to demonstrate what is needed to host your R Shiny app

  5. Space Use Estimator

    20 Nov 2023 | Contributor(s): Robert Sinkovits, Jesse Lewis, James Sheppard, Mona Wong

    This Shiny app uses the mkde R package to estimate animal space use in 3D using data collected from biotelemetry tracking devices

  6. Development Workspace (Debian 10)

    10 Jun 2023 | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    Development Workspace